Difference between “set in your ways” and peace?

As life slows down before the big speed up and diploma, I’m getting to this point where I no longer care to indulge in empty and continuous debates about my own personal identity.

After you get to a certain point, rehashing personal details is boring. It’s a lot easier to sort the grain from the chaff if you just live your life and let your decisions speak for you. While it’s necessary to contemplate your personal identity for a bit, spending too much time on it looks juvenile after awhile. We all change with time, but rehashing personal sagas to people who have already mellowed the hell out can waste time with friends and alienate your audience.

The one thing I worry about is the difference between being more honest about what has to be “good enough”, and becoming set in my ways. Can you feel secure in who you are as a person, and also embrace good change in every season? I suppose it’s probably good that life doesn’t allow people to stay the same.

The more time I spend with Christ, the better sense I get for how walking with him is supposed to work. Ultimately, I’m sick of making my salvation about me. I already feel loved. That is enough. I would rather examine what God thinks on this or that issue with more maturity, and allow the words I say to be about him. The things I have to say aren’t nearly as special.


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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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