Babies above Jesus

I am challenged today by the way that women require their faith to pass through men before it is an offering before God. I don’t believe that entrusting my faith to male leaders/an eventual spouse/etc. is a healthy thing, and I don’t think it is a full offering if I have to pay it first to others.

We call it “leadership”, but in practice, it is not the same. We turn over leadership of the church, of ourselves, and of our bodies to men not because it is holy, but because it is convenient. You can find a husband that way. You can belong that way. You can be a mother that way. You don’t to be accountable to yourself. For people who are raised inside the church, this is a coming of age story.

Why cant we have both? My elevating men to leadership and excluding women, you are telling one gender to take it easy and to focus more on raising a family than to focus on God and learn what he means by family. Why cant we be women who are also made in the image of God? If my faith is genuine, why must it pass through another sinner in order to get to God? Martin Luther once wrote about that, but today, I claim that injustice by the way of how we assert the need to steward women’s lives, thereby emasculating the concept of free will. Don’t you want a wife who would freely choose God, and not just for the perks of childbirth? We aren’t worshiping Jesus, we are paying our dues to the idol of family and hoping it will appease him. Family is such a part of the church, but the practice of flocking to faith and hoping to acquire both while elevating sex/marriage/babies above God is an abomination. God will teach you about family, but it is more important for your eternal and earthly self to seek his love first.


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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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