Turbulent times and all that God does when he is simply laying the foundation

Have you ever lived through a time of God revealing some sort of new truth or understanding to you? In the past year, I have grown in my faith and the recognition of various callings on my life, some of which include some form of active ministry, becoming a teacher, and hopefully, becoming a mom. At times, the way God knits together what we love with the situations we are placed in can be confusing, but I want to take a moment to step outside of that and acknowledge what God does after he is finished hashing out the gory details and the growing and stretching has become a little more calm.

If God uses a period of semi-chaos to wake you up, he is faithful to fulfill the works he started. Like the birth-pangs breaking way to the beauty of a newborn, God can use periods of upheaval and stress to not only drawn you into himself, but to lay the foundation for literally all other things that he wants you to focus on, and the blessings he plans to bring to your life through putting him first. God’s supremacy in our lives is never a chore because in reality, he uses those uncomfortable changes as a way not only to heal us, but to position us to benefit from his eternal grace and goodness, which we may not have been fully able to accept before, and which will always be a learning process. He knows our needs better than we do, but he draws us into relationship with himself intentional, because he can through Christ, and because he knows that we stand to benefit most from life and the life he has for us when we listen to him. Worship unto God is the greatest good we can hope to accomplish. It puts self-service and self-righteousness at a clear disadvantage, which is why the Christian walk is hard.

However, service unto God is enjoyable a good portion of the time, and always if we find our joy in him instead of our situation. If he is gracious to give in sorrow, then he is gracious to give and hear our prayers regardless of how things are shaping up around us, and he wants to be able to provide for us when things are good, as well as when they are bad. It isn’t fair to love God only when you desperately need him, because not realizing that you need him just as bad when things are going good is a blind spot that will make you reckless and ungrateful. After a time, and weeks if not months of feeling like you’ve grown years in a day of what he’s trying to impart on you, it can be tempting to lay back and watch as good things are served unto you, but that defeats the purpose of loving God simply for who he is. In reality, our human condition isn’t nearly as glorious as what he can provide us post-Christ. There are a lot of pop songs marketed at young adults that try to get us to buy into the idea of “life at it’s fullest” (and thus, sin in excess of good things), and yet, life as human beings is not and will never be life at its fullest. If you want to burn this lifespan you’ve got into the ground, go right ahead, but you may as well do so with the knowledge that life as we know it is only a sliver of the amplified life that is in Jesus, and takes grace to see. His love and sanctification over us, and we will be able to comprehend and experience eternity. His is the life that is in the Holy Spirit and can be felt in healing, he is the source of the provision of God and the truth and light of goodness in this world. If Goodness were ever to triumph over analogous Evil, it would have been in the life, death, and life 2.0 (resurrection) of Jesus Christ. So what does any of this have to do with God fulfilling what he set to motion in clarifying gifts and what he seeks to accomplish?

Well for one, God is mighty. He is both capable and gracious to fulfill his promises, and he kept his promise to Abraham no matter what, simply because he had said so. That is the kind of perfection and scope we’re talking about, so when it comes to God fulfilling his promises on your life, he will. No doubt about it.

Secondly, God probably used all that time of growing and stretching to lay the foundation for things you would not be prepared for otherwise, and once you get there, they will be worth it. Easy, no. But even then, the Holy Spirit will never stop guiding you, God will never stop being good, and that’s a promise that you can take with you to the infinite and unforeseeable end. If he didn’t grow you, he couldn’t strengthen you. If you weren’t strengthened, you would not be prepared for what comes next, and because God is good, he legitimately has your best interests at heart by making you work to establish the foundation you need for good things. Giving you could things before you could hold them properly is basically giving the enemy an excuse to just slap them out of your hands and make you more afraid. God wants you to have the best and trust in him to provide more. It’s gonna be worth the wait.

Last but not least, God knows better than any other being that has ever been or will ever be. The things any of us will never even put into words, not because there aren’t words, but because they are so intimate that we will probably die before anyone knows; he knows those things as well. Nothing can be hidden from God, and that isn’t creepy, that’s a relief. You don’t have to voice a concern to bring it to him. You don’t even have to think, really. Simply feeling what you feel and coming into the presence of the Lord can heal better than some of the best advice from those around you, and is more than capable of transforming your situation. God knows what he has in store, but he needs you to be in the habit of trusting him, whether or not you in your own eyesight think that is fair. The closer he draws you into goodness, the more you are going to need to trust him, I guarantee you that. For your blessing as well as his glory, good things sometimes take a narrow road to lay down. Ultimately, it isn’t about the trails we face but he who has enough empathy to care for us and set down the cross as our emblem as a sign of his compassion. He made a martyr of himself so that he could be a father to us. If he didn’t want to draw us close, I doubt he would go that far.

Honestly, I know that if you have faith in Christ and if you are continually reaching out to him, you have the strength to make it. I know it not because of who you are, but because of who he is, which is the metric that God will use to judge. In Christ or out of Christ; weakness or strength is no longer the qualifier.You need nothing else, and by no one else can you fully be blessed or come to know the source of your blessing. I want to leave you with these words; that the one who died for you set out to do so from the beginning, and there was no equivocating in it for him. Coming in earth in order to die, Christ stayed the course and served others to the point of humbling himself literally to death. He served Death itself by becoming a sacrifice. If the spirit of God in Christ and the Holy Spirit our guide cannot stay the course, literally no one else can. You will have enough of what you need by the one who sees and knows.


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I am a second-grade teacher and pastor-to-be who loves people. I spend my weekends with friends or wandering the museums of DC alone and with a journal, trying to put words on the places of the soul that still feel wordless. I spent most of my days at school trying to learn patience through my students and running on sheer nerdy passion. I follow Jesus Christ, and savor that as my most important identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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