Education hack: Risk

Despite knowing how trial and error works, so many people attempt to seek after perfection rather than understanding. That is stupid.  Let me tell you why.

In one of my classes, I recently got a 69 on a test I could have probably gotten a B on. I believe in testing my limits, and I don’t always believe in grades or certain strategies of testing, because I don’t believe they always equate to learning. For that reason and knowing that GPA isn’t my top priority so long as it’s above a 3.5, I try to deduce my ability to represent what I know when testing strategies remain ambiguous. There is only so much studying you can do correctly in college,  if you can’t isolate and understand the style in which you will be tested.  Welcome to thr breadth of getting a psychology degree. Just another reason I don’t care to be perfect.

I sacrifice a certain amount of security in pushing my limits for better AND worse, and I know that. But seriously, the rest of the world does not like negative feedback. Criticism isn’t negative if it is the one thing you need to grow, and it’s sincere. We like to pretend easy makes for a happy life. It doesn’t.

So I push my limits, and I control for the things I can control. It’s a lot more like reality outside of college. I’d rather have a smooth transition into the workforce than a perfect 4.0, and given how diverse my professors are, you’d have to be really high maintenance to make that happen in the first place.

No one recognizes differences between larger public universities and private, smaller colleges quite so much, once you get hired. Who do you know,  and can you do the job? That, and serendipity.

That being said, it is necessary to also know yourself if you want to be able to really maximize the value of your word, and make the best from what you commit to. How can you agree to something you dont understand personally? Yes, faith is part of that process, but faith can be proactive. We never know what God will bring. What if he’s asking you to prepare for it now? You’d better get on your game.

Foresight is about trying your best to provide for the future, at times when there are perfectly good-sounding reasons not to. Not all seemingly good reasons turn out good in hindsight. We follow God, but he is the only one who truly knows, and sometimes it’s enough to follow and fail. We can’t be perfect.  We have to give ourselves room to grow if we want to grow in the first place.

Now, I’m talking about just one test. Just one class. Just one experience. The weird part about risk is that it adds up over time, for better or worse. It adds up in a way we don’t always notice. If you heard a casual story about the way you are living today, would you be proud? Would you give God credit, in your attitude, and the way you live today? Something to think about.

PS: For that class and others I actually figured out how to get the information I truly need. I plan on studying in advance, as soon as I join every new class, and drafting a map of the subject matter from broadest to smallest to get my bearings,  so that I can focus on detail as I come to it. It will be a kind of improvised structure I know will work, because I always crave “How does this knowledge fit together,  anyways?” sorts of details. It makes sense, because it’s just organizing subject matter coherently for my brain, before I learn it. How fast can I memorize and store what I need to know? I want to find out.


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I am a second-grade teacher and pastor-to-be who loves people. I spend my weekends with friends or wandering the museums of DC alone and with a journal, trying to put words on the places of the soul that still feel wordless. I spent most of my days at school trying to learn patience through my students and running on sheer nerdy passion. I follow Jesus Christ, and savor that as my most important identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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