That week went by so fast.

It’s Saturday.

Easter is tomorrow, and it’s gonna be epic. The weather today would be perfect for falling asleep in a hamoc. I got a thermos cup of camomile tea bc I’m battling a sore throat, and the birds are super vocal, and later today will feature a strategic nap in the mostly deserted library. Hole-ing up in the library is great when nobody is there, because it’s easier to study and it’s still the extroversion library. The introversion library nearer to the Union is like studying in a crypt.

Why do I always get semi sick before all major holidays? Immune system,  its not your fault.  Just blame it on the weather,  brain.

Falling asleep hugging a backpack is such a better solution for your arms. That, and sleeping against those backrest pillows.  You can bury your face in them.

Why do we make garden variety mischief so clinical? You ever just wonder how far the stick goes up someone’s butt before they become incapable of a good laugh? I swear to God,  I have three new sets of dimples. I didnt even know you could get dimples on your earbones. They look like that crease you make when your eraser has completely failed, and just smudged.  It’s spring and all the trees are great,  and it was a spring as great as I told you so.  Worth the winter.  Worth the confusion.  Not sure what else is coming,  but I worked with the second graders at my job yesterday,  and the world got slightly more right. If you can’t use your family members to help remember a certain amount of life events, where do you have room to store the part of you that is meant to be having fun? Like, your imagination? Do you even have imagination,  Internet? I swear I heard this story on NPR last week about robot cars that I thought was a joke, but it wasnt. Other people’s imaginations have caught up with us, Internet.  The time is now.

Ok Internets; Riddle me this. Why do ppl always talk about how free young people are to do cool crap, and then not just do it themselves? I get that mortgages and payments for things and whatnot are through the roof, but can we just acknowledge that sometimes the “I’m too old for this” is a really stupid excuse we use to a) Make living your life with a healthy dose of silly seem like a negative/irresponsible thing, and b) Put limits on good things that are just unnecessary? How old do you have to be to enjoy swingsets? I ask because it’s certainly not 20. I’d say that given cynicism, we all probably cap out right around 12. What the serious frick? Does this mean swingsets suddenly expire once you past adolescence? This is just one trivial example, BUT WHY DO WE JUST ASSUME GREAT THINGS EXPIRE? Isn’t it enough to enjoy them because we can, and not because we could/should/recieve the invitation? These years we are alive are meant to be lived. Don’t use that for a legitimately bad excuse to shrivel your soul before it’s time.

Why do we have to have “fun” or “zany” friends to do fun and/or zany things? Do the stupid things.  See that? That was your fun choice.  Who’s the zany one now? Don’t even pretend like you didn’t want it.

What exactly is the issue here,  Church? You afraid that if people have more fun, they’ll up and leave Jesus? False. Jesus was probably the most fun in the entire cast of God’s family. Nothing says “taboo” like the cross. That part clearly wasn’t fun, but can we just acknowledge that the after party totally will be? I know that probably sounds either ignorant or irreverent given that tomorrow is Easter, but Easter is the party. It’s an annual celebration of the celebration that is coming. It has already beem finished. This is the part where we invite people to take part in the celebration. It’s time to celebrate the Bridegroom. Remember that metaphor? Hint: it’s not just a metaphor.

You know, nearly everything the Church used to hate has found a way to become slightly acceptable.  Whether or not that is a good thing more or less depends on the thing. Remember Prohibition? Well, you can make just about any mixed drink without alcohol. It’s a given that it won’t be the same. There are a good handful of things that can’t be made pure, but then again, there are also Virgin Strawberry Daquiris. The list of things you “must not do” may exist, but it’s a lot easier (and shorter) than having to reconstruct your understanding after you get it waaaay wrong. Some of the things on that list probably shouldn’t have been put on there in the past and progressively now, but so be it. Not all human actions within the Church are directly from source of life. If you want perfection,  go to the source.

I don’t understand why we accept imperfection and then struggle to be the only and “most excellent” spokespeoples for God (competition). If he is going to speak, he will speak, using whoever the heck he feels like using. Seriously. He can lift up whoever he wants. You can be the instrument. If you know the craftsman is good (and better), why do you struggle to be another craftsman, in your own right? It just isn’t gonna work out. God is the one who sends and makes disciples.  It should be plenty enough to be allowed to participate.

Judging the past is a bitter pot of beans if you cant trust that God has, has had, and always will have sovereignty over it. It doesn’t have to be perfect to us if it’s perfect to him. Tough cookies if it sucked. That isn’t nice,  but the past doesn’t change, we only see it differently. Disobedience is fierce if you don’t want to accept that suffering might have a very valid place in how we live our lives that we often just don’t understand. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect from our eyes to be what is best for us; not even a little bit. Either way, given faith, we will eventually find out.

Patience really sucks, for the record. BUT, once you’ve allowed it to change you, it becomes a currency that you just can’t live without. Spiritual gifts are blessings and blessed addictions, because our souls crave more of the good thats been shared with us, over time.  The only difference is that love through faith heals, it doesn’t damage,  it isnt selfish, it doesn’t regret. It gives freely. In grace, it justifies.

We don’t have to be perfect. Easter is a time to celebrate that. The diversity of paths that h
God has gifted to the Church is meant to be a blessing, not a stumbling block. We can choose to accept the blessing or leave it, but either way, it’s good.


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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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