Let me tell you something about Willow trees

Had some free time today, more walking around campus. I was walking along the side of Potter’s Lake, and looking how far the tadpoles had got, in their pursuit of turning into frogs. They’ve got some work to do.

As a fun side note, we learned all about that in about third grade, when we still had a little pond at my school. Cat tails, little frogs, and tiny stepping stones. The whole thing was double the size of an inflatable kiddie pool. Eventually in trade for the schools’ expansion, they filled it over with concrete. :[

But anyways, I was walking around and I notice that one of the Weeping Willow trees to the side has these long frond looking things that have flowered. They’re totally yellow, with cat-tail-like blossoms. I turned one of them into a crown in later on.

Being ignorant as I am, I decided to try to figure out what those frond things are. I’ll tell you in a sec, but first, photos!


Up close bright yellow frond, turned into a cross.


These long branch things hang from the tree in the image to the right. You can kinda see, because they are bright yellow. It’s not the greatest photo, but it’ll do.


It’s one of those days where the air is crisp and cold, and the wind is also just as crisp and cold, and only the sun is legitimately warm. It’s debateable whether you should go outside, but it’s worth it eventually once you do. In this photo, tried to catch a photo of this hawk that was in the middle of being run off by some smaller birds, but no dice. They hang out in Marvin Grove pretty regularly because they’re looking for field mice and other food, so I’m sure we’ll meet again.20150327_131250

Here is the yellow against some early clovers. The soil is still pretty soft and about the right consistency you’d want it, if you were digging for earthworms. If you wanted, you could go fishing sometime soon, around here. Not in Potter’s Lake, though. There’s enough trash there to literally kill you. On the way to seeing the Willow Tree, I saw this giant earthworm that was just casually sunning itself out of the ground, halfway. Spring will not bode well for you, friend. Good luck not getting eaten.


First a crown, then a necklace.


This needs to be a nerd badge, in some sort of family crest or embroidered symbol. A pair of glasses between a similar sort of crown. I’d make a clover crown, but the flowers aren’t out yet. Nerd-lyfe for the win.

These are some links to look at. I happened to learn a bit, but I dare you to look some of it up. Wikipedia is a given, and for funsies, I pulled out the most important paragraph out of another link I found, that gives the Willow Tree’s significance to Palm Sunday.

Wikipedia of Willow trees: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willow#cite_note-25

Spring Willow tree significance to Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday is also called Fig Sunday, because figs were traditionally eaten that day, memorializing the fig tree cursed by Christ after his entry into Jerusalem. In England Palm Sunday was called Olive or Branch Sunday, Sallow or Willow, Yew or Blossom Sunday, or Sunday of the Willow Boughs, named for the local replacements for the traditional palm branches. Source (http://www.churchyear.net/palmsunday.html)

Tis the season for random walks around campus. Happy Friday!

Chat cha later,


PS: As an added bonus, find out more about Marvin Grove? http://kuhistory.com/articles/marvins-gardens/


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