I bet you can’t relate comfy chairs to sexism! (Oh but I can.)


There’s this chair in the library, and it’s basically a frame with a woven, stretchy black sling inside. There is a band on the bottom to hold your butt when you sit in it, and when nobody sits it it, it looks like just another easel-looking stretchy thing. The idea is that you sit in it, and it molds around you like it holds you.

It’s a pretty weird chair. This one time in my women’s studies class freshman year (*and nearly everyone tunes out* lol), we had a good discussion about the distinction between masculinity and femininity in terms of space. This chair is a good representation of that. It reeks of dude.

The idea is that guys take up more space. That is generally pretty obvious to most people, from what I can tell. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, so long as I call also enjoy baller chairs. That’s about as far as I care to take it, because when any kind of identity stuff like that is widely assigned opinions, it usually ends in fruitless bickering. This chair is great. I know sexism still exists, but back when I was in that class, I asked a couple ladies why they never just did the stuff they were concerned about. In a few words, that didn’t always go over too well.

If a chair is made for sitting and it’s also comfy, I will sit in it. If I need space for my backpack and other things, I will use the seats no one will take, in attempts to respect my personal bubble and square-corner-of-the-world privacy. As of today, there is no good reason not to. Same thing with wearing sweat pants sometimes. People always miss the point on this one. If you need the extra comfort, wear something comfy. You should probably not do it on a day where people are more inclined to judge you for it. Having a comfy and functional wardrobe is like the in between mecca that is only now actually becoming a duh thing to some of my peers. You mean heels may not be in my best interests? You mean exercise shoes aren’t gonna be either? Where is the middle?

You choose the middle. My theory is that women as a whole are generally so picky that if we didn’t have the degree of variety we have, somebody would find a way to make money and make it either way. So long as your needs are covered, does it even matter? I have no idea. Then again, I’m not you. But there is so much in stupid chairs and shoes and whatnot because we clutter up sitting in a chair with a lot of judgment and other dumb things. I’m not just talking about this chair. Think about how you should sit in a stool with a skirt on; one that hits you about three inches above the knee. You may not be prone to wearing skirts, but humor me for a moment and let’s think about it.

If you are a woman of average height (about 5’4”, 5’5”; 64 or 65 inches), then stools may leave you free floating in the air, your legs stranded kinda like whatever. Swivel stools may have been the best when we were kids, but if you do that crap in public, at least 4 of 15 people will give you side eye. I swear. I’m mostly making it up, but there will always be a significant amount of ppl thinking you’ve lost your mind, because they probably haven’t let themselves enjoy swivel stools in like, forever.

How do you scoot yourself to pull your skirt down if your legs don’t touch? You could use the wall maybe, and risk falling off the stool as you kind of wiggle your butt and pull down at your skirts edges. If your stool has a place to put feet, that may work. Thing is, any kind of chair like that will make your skirt ride up, because there is no graceful way to sit in a stool that is too tall. Go figure, right?

So the stool becomes the enemy. No. Actually it’s the skirt, and then the stool, and then the sitting of the stool/wearer of the skirt, and then anybody who talks to the skirt/stool wearer, and then we’ve got cranky people glaring at others for enjoying the love of diner stools because they swivel, and you could be wearing a freaking tracksuit, okay? Like, whatever.

All I know is that chair is awesome. If I didn’t have to adjust for the people who would already judge me for sitting in a comfy chair and putting my things where they need to go, you would not have to just suffer through almost a page and a half diatribe on stools and chairs and judgment. But seriously. Does anyone actually enjoy being judgmental like that? Can we please stop? Like for real. Learning what is expected of you as a young woman in America and a lot of the world is worse than freaking calculus. I’m sorry, but nerdy women can often do calculus, and that isn’t a sorry kind of thing. Not only can we do calculus, but there is some explicitly forbidden dress code for those who do calculus; you can’t have both so you should just murder your fashion now. Nope. I can’t do calculus, but I could if it wasn’t based on abstract theories of math that just don’t fascinate me. I like chairs though. Let the women who want to do calculus do freaking calculus, and the ones who want to sit in chairs freaking sit in them, and everyone else just simmer the frick down because none of it even matters if you’re already taking the time to be in a library.

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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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