Stereotypes on Good things


Stereotypes on Good things

There are a lot of stereotypes floating around in the world, and some of the worst ones mock good things.

There are a lot of names for this, but the “goody-two-shoes” stereotype is basically about someone who plays it by the book, does what is right, and then, gets made fun of for it, because other people are too jealous to get it.

The fact that good things have become a bad thing is pathetic.

Do we as humans truly believe that good things have to come with a corresponding amount of shame? In America, it’s like we have to continuously apologize and excuse a good thing, so continuously afraid of who we might piss off in the quest to make a bigger and bigger name for ourselves. Hell no.

A good thing is good. It just is. From what I can tell, attitudes of humility, and faithfulness, and grace, and kindness, and love are good things no matter where you are from, because attitudes are determined by the people who hold them, not foreigners. If someone can detect a good thing in you and you are not “one of them” (stupid phrase), then they esteem you as valuable to the way they understand, and they trust you. That is good, because all people come from the same God, and he loves all of us infinitely. If I have gained someone’s trust and instead try to ruin it, then I am basically a conquistador in training, in an abstract sense, because the same ruthless cruelty that broke the world is the opposite of what it takes to heal it. And even better? All healing comes from God.

We cling so fast to what we know, but sometimes, we miss the entire point. I care about other people, but often, I am wrong. That is a good thing, I think. If I was always right, that would be a bad thing, because I can’t be. But the attitude of hurt that I may inflict upon someone is not a good thing, and to work cooperatively with any one, you have to trust that they would accept you making yourself humble, in genuine honesty.

A lot of communities in the world are smaller. For whatever reason, the smaller your community, the more humility matters. There are simply too few people to piss off, before you reach your limit. People reject bad things in favor of setting better examples for them and their children. Practicing forgiveness is very hard, but forgiveness is pretty rare to give if you have no visual reason for doing so. As Christians, that is the entire point.

Forgiveness is the name of the game, I think. Forgiveness from God, for you, for others, for the world, in an attempt to make things better. Forgiveness from empathy and compassion. Forgiveness because it is possible.

You can fake a lot of things, but I truly don’t believe you can fake genuine faith. I’ve seen that true so many times. It all comes out eventually, and good things produce better things, while bad things just make everyone miserable. Eventually, cause and effect catches up with people.

No one is perfect, and that is the point. The whole point of trying to learn to be better is to do what is necessary to forgive, and be a better person, from genuine love and not some fake nonsense. Fake is in the eye of the beholder, so it is your duty to be sure that you correct your wrongs. At the same time, it can be hard to know when is the right time to do so.

I’ve given it some thought, and although I may be wrong, I think the basic idea behind doing what must be done and then correcting it over time is that you have to correct your misdeeds in the same order that you executed them. It is backwards. I may be wrong, but it’s a lot like allowing good things to happen, after you have accepted that you did them poorly. If you have an attitude of opening up your heart to receive from God, he will respond to that.

Who do you give credit to? All of this comes down to in what people or force you give the name of goodness. To me, God and the Holy Spirit have always seemed so much bigger and greater. It was always like Star Wars, like a force of goodness to be reckoned with. I wonder where they got the idea for that.

However people understand God, that should be a good thing. I think people get evangelism completely wrong all the time. If you had not heard about Jesus, and you were truly in a place in the world who was completely removed from civilization, wouldn’t your God resemble a lot of indigenous Gods, or Gods from different cultures, or just God in general? It is the same God. He comes to us all the same way. If you had not heard of the game being changed, wouldn’t your God be a lot like the only God you profess, but in the Old Testament?

So many people are uncomfortable with the Old Testament who are also Christian. It is the root of your faith. Christ was only the fulfillment and next-best-thing of that faith. He was a Jew. If you miss all that God did before the New Covenant, you miss most all of it, and you forget how enormous the wait for Jesus was, and how that affected the world. How he affected the world after too.

I believe that humans as a whole can’t be perfect, but I also know that goodness is not something that really needs debated, but listened to. It all comes from trust, and from faith, and from grace. It just comes down to giving due credit, from goodness.

I don’t know why people would get so upset at other people “stealing” members of their faith, so long as they all come in the same name of goodness, from God. Jesus may just be the end piece, and I’m not sure why people would be upset about that, so long as God still was able to remain God. If you don’t believe in Jesus, it is not my place to judge you. But even given our potential differences, couldn’t it be an okay thing to just let things be as they are, and not attempt to fight over it quite so much?

I would hope that you would see my actions, and know who I serve. Those actions aren’t always good, but that is why I am learning to seek forgiveness. It is generally not an easy thing. But so be it. That is life.

I don’t think it has to be so complicated. I say that all the time, but that is something that I will never think is wrong. Christ said very simple, very good things, and explained them from that perspective. He had all the knowledge possible, and yet, he took the time to humble himself, do things right, in the right order, teach, and give of all that he had. We all come to God in different states and ways. Why should it be anyone’s right to tell you that you are doing it wrong? It is not. I would rather just come, knowing that I serve the same God, and have my actions be the biggest testament of my faith, knowing that where God needs me, he will call me. That is not to say that I don’t believe in Jesus or want to talk about him. But it simply acknowledges the fact that any kind of force is wrong to talk about a God who loves infinitely.

If I am not part of another person’s culture, it is not my place to judge it. It is simply not. It will never be.

But I can work with others. That is all that I can do. Genuine faith changes a person, if he or she lets it. The rest of it is done in cruelty, so often.

What do you believe? What will you hold on to? These questions define our lives, and they are an essential part of us. Should you be surprised when bad things come? Should you be surprised when good things come? Does surprise mean you do not know? If I am surprised, then it means I am not aware? Or does surprised mean I am pleasantly okay? The choices we make are good even in the future, I think.

It is a Saturday morning, which means I have free time. Little bits of homework, and time to spend in good ways. The ability to take what I have, and maybe even cook breakfast. It’s enough.

Rest is good for a reason. It is time for good things.

If something simple is too simple to be good, then are you really so sure you understand what is good? Sometimes the most beautiful things are so infinitely small. If God is in everything, isn’t that the point?

I hope you have a lovely weekend, even if you aren’t resting. I hope that good things would come to you, in wherever you are able to accept them.




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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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