Truth and Christ in Education


Truth and Christ in Education

You know how Eve was the one who ate the Apple? And how specific egoists have been using that little tidbit against educated women since the churches get go, despite what Christ said, and Martha, and Mary Magdelene, et. al?

Well, I think I might know why that is theologically bogus, apart from how God made all his human creation in his image.

If God tore the veil so he could come to us through Christ, and we need only accept his love, and then strive after him, once we have a greater need for it, as the grace takes over our lives, could it be that education is the only thing that can bring Humanity out of sin permanently?

Think about it. God is the opposite of human order. We generally think in terms of hierarchy, time, duration, etc.

God is the most supreme, and infinitely so. All our other scales of measurement and power fail. He created time. He can make things as short or as long as he wants.

So given that he defies human understanding just by the mere nature of who he is, and how humans are fundamentally sketchy, here and there, now that original sin is a thing, after the garden of Eden, maybe we have to use knowledge to rediscover the truth.

If there is something good and something bad together, how will you know which is which, except to pay attention, and use the little you know of the truth to guide you? If you know what the truth is, it becomes easy over time. If the world is broken, and it cannot be perfect without Christ, and the divine love of God has to come from somewhere. Why wouldn’t it come through you, given the Holy Spirit? Are we still so skittish that we cannot admit that if the Holy Spirit is part of God, it is also part of us? Do we have to deny God’s goodness much further, by cutting off our nose to spite our faces?

The body of Christ is a body for a reason, and yet, there is no good place to dance in nearly all Christian tradition. The body is cruel. It isn’t valuable, because it is just a vessel.

But if my body is a temple, and that temple is God’s, then why would I hate it? Can we please retire that tired piece of diatribe? You wonder why your daughters and sisters and wives have eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and various other physical illnesses that have roots in distrusting what they feel? Your sons might to, not that they’d ever admit it to you. If my body is evil, then for the love of God, when will you learn that you will never separate it from his love, until he chooses to?

The truth is there. You may have to look for it, but what the hell is different from that and clinical learning? The first one is admittedly easier. If you can trust God to lead you into indecision and out of it once, you can do it over and over and over again. Humility is about being wrong and being okay with it.

So what now? We seek the truth but yet, we penalize one another for attempting to know. That is shameful. Shameful to us, in claiming that we are better than the “hypocrites”, shameful to the people who we give our garbage words, shameful to the world we live in, and the nonsense rules we institute. I don’t believe in limiting goodness to a set of clinical rules, nor do I believe in trusting what is wrong over what is hard. Pursuing the truth is the hardest thing you can imagine. There is no harder thing, apart from death. Defending what you know, in the face of sure opposition, that is bravery. Defending what isn’t your right to justify is just common sense.

It will not be different, if you cannot accept that it won’t be. It wouldn’t be. It hasn’t been. It will never succeed. It cannot be different if you claim to not know. We all know the truth, to various extents. Can we attempt to explain God through a sugar pill and a handful of sentences in a fancy journal? Faith isn’t like that. It is bigger.

Faith can be like that, but then again, it can not be. It can be completely both altogether. Faith is bigger than what we see, and science as a whole. It is there, yes. There are bits and pieces that are similar. But Faith comes from God, and the truth came before sin, and it may have come out of the dark unknown, but sin came after. The light was the good, and the dark was the unknown. I think that must be about right, but I do not know for sure, and I’m waiting to find out. Should it be such a shameful thing if we allow one another to educate, without credentials?

I will not be ashamed. I know God is so much bigger than that. We can’t have it both ways; either Science isn’t the full truth and it is the enemy, or it isn’t the full truth and it is up to us to make that understanding more obvious, through faith. Not judgment. Not feigned ignorance. Faith. Nothing else. It is not our place.

I don’t think that is a very thorough idea, and I’m not sure it’s entirely true. But the point is, I want to know what is true. I want to understand what is good. I want to know God better. And there is no point to deny what we know in favor of what is easy. It goes against the tide of Salvation.


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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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