A few thoughts on Organization (the struggle is real) and Back to school


A few thoughts on Organization (the struggle is real) and Back to school

(Note: Unless you are a geek for school supplies and intentionally structuring your day to make it the most efficient possible, you may wanna skip this one lol)

  • The need to pack my pencil bag perfectly and add specific utility items to my backpack in its own carefully arranged pocket is the greatest thing on day one of a new semester. By finals week, I’m lucky to be writing in a borrowed highlighter.
  • If I start the semester with gum, I know it only takes about twice for me to have offered it to enough friends to run out. Whatever! My mom buys it as a small Christmas present to go in stockings, so it’s irrelevant. Plus, does gum have any real use? I’d rather share and have less.
  • When I become an adult and catch into adulthood (as in, get a diploma), will I still buy new converse and functional other shoes every 6 months before the semester starts, like grade school? I only really need two good pairs of shoes, and then other ones for any other kind of non-student occasion. Bonus points if I could do lawn work in them. That is either the greatest low-maintenance dream, or a Legally Blonde horror-story. Whatever YOLO.
  • I always try new things, but having notebooks with folder pockets, folders for assignments, and just letting my classes and the notes for each blend together in such notebooks is the only tried and true method. That can be kind of annoying, because you’d think that having a system to store assignments would be a settled thing by being a junior in college. Not the case. I just like being able to keep trying out new methods and evolve my organization. Versatility at its. I still have yet to decide whether or not I hate felt tip pens, but I am excited for the stack of legal pads I bought instead of individual notebooks. It seems like a solid decision, and for whatever reason, writing on a legal pad makes me feel much fancier than in a notebook. Let’s just see what happens.
  • I have a love hate relationship with highlighters. On the one hand, they make me look like I’m doing something and I can glance at whatever I highlighted and fabricate an argument out of thin air when my professors are looking for victims, in order to spare the other people who haven’t done the reading or legitimately have to think before they speak. Not me! Lol, double edged sword. I volunteer as tribute, lol. Some of my finest external processing has been ego-pleasing up some nonsense about John Locke, the Social Contract, why Marx is a super obnoxious person, or similar stuff that is colorful but contains just enough lack of substance to let us all move on to another topic. So in regards to highlighters, I will probably use them all of three times during the semester, when I guilt myself enough to read but only give myself 20 minutes to pull it off. Oh, the love of pressure and spontaneously improvisation. Teach me that in a public speaking class, lol. I hate that I do better rambling than actually planning anything and that is why I function best as a discussion leader or note-taker on white boards when I participate in group projects. I hate it when they divide responsibilities evenly. All I know is that I don’t want to make the stupid power point, I don’t want to memorize a series of facts I will thus forget about 10 minutes after class, and if I’m preaching to a vegetable audience, I may as well leave.
  • I wonder how much caffeine the average student consumes. Surely some of them know that that is not good news for their brains, sometimes? Oh well. I’ll save that piece of meaningless and trivial “advice” for next midterm season…
  • I wonder what I’m actually gonna do when I graduate. A very good question. I still want to get certified as a teacher. Probably gonna find some way to make that happen, whether it’s a one year program, Teach for America, or finding a way to do it and go overseas to teach English. I think I’d do best with Elementary School kids, now that I’ve thought about it. It’s not that I couldn’t do junior high or high school, but Elementary school kids just seem like the easiest to work with, given what I’m good at and how delightful they would be to be around. I really want to do story time in some capacity in the future, even if that only means I’d be volunteering at a public library or babysitting kids at my church. That stuff is the stuff of dreams, Imaginary Audience.
  • Hindsight is strange. Here’s to another semester of making it up on the fly, planning it out in advance so you can improvise the rest of the time, making new friends in casual, classroom places, and potentially becoming even more skilled at finding free food. I thought to myself the other day that if I took a couple packets of Sugar in the Raw from the cafeteria, I would use those to make a sugar facial scrub with stuff I already have. Cheap microdermabrasion in winter? If I didn’t already have similar stuff at home, that thought alone and being a benevolent cheapskate would make me excited for at least several days. There is such a strange high that comes from getting a really good bargain. That’s an ageless thing; why do you have little entrepreneurial children overcharge for things anyone can make? It’s a lesson in self-sufficiency and the value of money sure, but it’s almost more useful for figuring out how to sweet talk and how far you can push your parents to invest in your Lemonade Startup. #millennialswag
  • I wonder when my mom is going to get on my case again to start mowing the grass…could I trade her doing my dishes or laundry for mowing the yard once or twice a week? It’s a thought. I hate doing dishes, but I’m gradually making peace with it, because there is no alternative. That’s good. I like not having an alternative. That way, I don’t overthink it, because why? Just do it. I like that.
  • I have not been wearing my glasses basically all break because a) I hate them, and b) I’m not driving, and c) I hate them. They’re stylish, sure, but I hate wearing anything extra on my face. After about 8 hours of wearing glasses, there are little divots in the side of your head, and you get red marks on the bridge of your nose. My glasses aren’t even tight; I just have a small face and they slip off because they are made for giants. Oh the agony; the under-ear divots. In the meantime, I’m going to just force myself to wear them, because otherwise my eyes get so tired that I can see long distance or read more than 15 pages of text, and I’m in bed by 7 pm because it hurts to keep my eyes open. So, time to just bite the bullet and do it again. I do this every break, and I know it’s bad for my vision. I hate contacts with a burning passion, so until I have to deal with that, I won’t.
  • I wonder if I can use my 4th gen Ipod touch as an external hard drive, considering I don’t listen to any of that music still. Hmm…
  • Storage containers and totes that are made out of durable fabric and fold flat are probably the greatest thing since spray glitter or origami boxes for discretely getting rid of candy wrappers.
  • Okay, it’s still January. It feels like spring for at least until Tuesday evening. Is that code for “re-do your closet organizational scheme”? There is none, but I did try to color code this time. It’s a miserable failure, because I’m lucky to just remember to do laundry and hang it. I should probably start smaller next impulse cleaning sesh.
  • I hope my computer lasts to graduation. I researched it heavily before my Dad helped me buy it. It’s 14 inches, less than 5 lbs. and easy to throw in my back pack (it’s not heavy at all), it’s spaced well for typing for my hands, and most importantly, it gets the job done. I went with HP because apart from getting a Mac, it was the best thing at the time, and I knew I didn’t want to invest a lot in a laptop when I’d probably have to replace it after four years (or sooner) regardless. Sometimes the keys stick and it can be really slow, but I’m pretty happy with it. If I wanted it to be much better, I would have gotten something fancier. But for now? Good enough. If all fails, I’ve still got breaks between my classes, and I know about most of the computer labs I have access to on campus, even the ones that are pretty empty and hidden. And there’s no way I’d tell you about them (lol). Actually, the student hourly girl swore me to secrecy when she told me about the best one. I will pass on that knowledge to my favorite former freshman when I matriculate. Until then, it will be a fight for the death.
  • I always pack a deck of cards in my backpack, and I don’t really like cards. It’s mostly to keep my hands busy when I’m so fidgety that I can bear to listen. It’s not that I don’t want to learn, but I need to be performing some sort of other function that feels like multitasking for me to focus. I play with things like tape. Rubberbands. Hairbands. I like to weave my cross necklace through my fingers. Gum helps, if I have it. Doodling while listening. The possibilities are endless, but the deck only has about 51. You can’t have everything.
  • All I wanted this semester is to be out of class at 3pm on Thursday to go to Tea at Three in the Union. That did not happen. But I discovered in analyzing reality how greatly I hate tea, and how most of the time I only went for the free White chocolate macadamia nut cookies from KU Dining. I will find them somehow. I’ll just go to Business school events (lol). Or maybe I can find a way to dress in business casual and invite myself to something Engineering related. Whatever! Those are the cookies that are everywhere for anything classy, and I’ll probably see them around. If it’s shameful to walk up to a table, say nothing, take two cookies, and leave, then I’m sorry but that ship sailed a long time ago. EUREKA! The Honors Program! Maybe! If I go, listen, and say nothing, maybe I can even make out with three (I will not draw extra attention to myself). The possibilities are endless!
  • I have a new mission in free stuff hunting: Find things that are awesome that I would actually use. Now that is the challenge of the century. It’s not gonna be keychains, stickers, pins, pens, t-shirts, water bottles, or even candy. The coolest freebie I got last year was an ecologically friendly highlighter that uses green wax instead of synthetic dyes and chemicals. That was awesome. Also, party bubbles from the bank. Which is strange in hindsight. Yolo.
  • I will be busy Wednesday afternoons. Rats. That is when they typically schedule the free cultural crafts. Last year, I was first in line to get mehndi (henna) on my hands by a guest artist because I was giving blood in half an hour, and I was prepared to suffer no fools when she said “Who’s first?” That was a good day. I got snack size Nutterbutters, Oreos, and juice. Mission accomplished. (Not really. I give blood because they need it. I do every semester, but the Juice is an added bonus. The one time I gave blood and then went to Marching Band like a well-hydrated champ was no exception. That was so ridiculous. I packed extra water.)
  • If I got a group of derpy friends together, we could do free bowling at the bowling alley downstairs at the Union when they offer it. It could be a thing. Actually, we’d probably forget. Oh well! It’s an option.
  • I need to get better at going by the free movie showings they have, because they usually have free popcorn, and it’s decent. My mom is addicted to good popcorn in a slightly less than clinical (lol) way. I could pick her up some, fold down the top of the bag, put it in my lunch bag, and maybe she’d do my dishes. Just a joke. But yeah, I should get her some popcorn.
  • Is this a semester for making myself eat breakfast, or accepting the battles I can’t always bear to fight at allowing that to be one of them. Hmm. Probably the second.
  • Will power is a muscle. It’s like lifting. You have the most in the morning, and the least at the end of the day, because you self-regulate more as the day goes on. I wonder how I could boost my mood early in the day in small habits and then have enough will power to maybe force myself through late afternoon homework, so that when I come home, I’m home. I have breaks in my day. I could imitate a 9-5 schedule and get things done while I’m on campus. That’s brilliant. And then, I could study some at home, when I need to be alone and quiet anyways. Genius.
  • If I get up at 7am, conduct some quiet time and get reading for the day, ride with my mom as she heads into work at 8:30am, and then have my first class at 10am or 11am respectively, I could really get some work done. I like that a lot.

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