With you I am well pleased.


With you I am well pleased.

The idea of Love languages is that each person relates a little differently to love,

God, if you ask me.

But there are five;

Service, Time, Words, Gifts, and the last one I forget.


I hate gifts.

And I can’t remember the other one,

So let’s talk about why I value the first three.

Words matter in a temporary way,

It’s like someone is reaching out to tell you that you aren’t alone,

It’s like sharing.

Time is what I need to trust any kind of person,

Even when I say it’s not.

I have to see that you have a certain amount of consistency,

That you don’t belittle or punish for things you can’t acknowledge are part of you too,

You don’t have to be perfect,

But if I can’t parse you or understand how you operate,

We will probably not be friends.

It’s not that I want my friends to be like me or not like me,

But if I can read someone, that typically means I can rely on them,

And if I had it my way, I would rely on no one.

Service is the one that makes me melt across any context,

Compassion, Silent dignity, being the kind of person that draws my respect and the respect of others,

To me, it’s an attitude of being willing to help, and an awareness that you can, not “you could”.

It makes me happy and honored to be around those who serve others,

And carry the weight of the world on their shoulders,

Because they can,

Not because it is their duty,

But in a way, to them,

It is.

I aspire to be like the people who humble me in kindness.

I aspire to not be nearly so selfish, unwilling to take criticism, and quick to spill idiocy before I’ve considered it.

But these people,

The ones that are easiest to love and quickest to shed compassion,

They give me this warm feeling that radiates out of the core of me,

And if I had to choose one thing to feel for the rest of my life,

I would choose to melt in the sense of humility and genuine respect I have for those people,

I would rest in it,

I hope that if I am ever in a coma,

That is the love I rest in while I slumber, unaware.

That feeling of respect and believing in the dignity of others for having seen it

Makes me proud to be human,

Made in the same divine likeness of my heroes.

It’s like mango lassi on a hot day,

It gives me peace and comfort,

To simply know

They care.


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I am a second-grade teacher and pastor-to-be who loves people. I spend my weekends with friends or wandering the museums of DC alone and with a journal, trying to put words on the places of the soul that still feel wordless. I spent most of my days at school trying to learn patience through my students and running on sheer nerdy passion. I follow Jesus Christ, and savor that as my most important identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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