My Dreams (#Evangelism)


My Dreams (#Evangelism)

I spent yesterday and this morning thinking about what it would look like for me to follow God in the ways that I feel he has put in my heart. To teach, to lead from kindness if at all, to be humble to the best that I can, to enjoy his people more fully and the differences he endowed to us, his creation; that would make me most happy. I believe God puts our most intense, unshakable dreams in our hearts for his purpose, and I believe that he can turn anything into what he pleases even when we are unaware or stumble and fall. For that reason, I’d like to spend a moment to talk about one of my dreams, at least, a dream that never seems to fade, and only grows.

I dream about a Social Network of the Body of Christ. A collective of churches that connects the love of God through the entire Body of Christ, in all places in the world, to come together to change the world as the body of God. This would not be creating extremely individualized profiles for people and using it like Facebook, but rather being a member of a larger body of God and having access to a variety of materials that profess God’s glory in one centralized location, free of charge, so that fellowship might be grown stronger within churches, between churches, and throughout the entire world.

I dream about the Gospel being free to all people, in praise music, in discipleship materials, in a video archive of sermons, in people’s testimonies in one collected place, so that the whole world can know of the glory of God in a way that can change it. It should be accessible to all people, translated by people who can into the languages they were born into, as a call and response between people all around the world to grow together in their walk with God.

I dream about having Question and Answer pages that are not about opinions, but allow people to submit verses that are relevant in their lives from Scripture, to let God answer things himself and let the Holy Spirit move of its own accord in people’s hearts; giving all glory to God.

Christ calls us to be un-divided. To allow social innovation to incite large scale prayer efforts and have all relevant details about churches listed as information instead of opinion as some sort of global Yellow Pages for those of God’s people who have the ability to worship freely, that would be a good use of the gifts God has endowed in us, as his creation.

I believe in immediately engaging young people in an electronic way to learn to minister, share information or knowledge about God with one another or the world, and up-build one another in person, so that the world may walk in faith and the people of God might respect differences so that God could be less of a threat and more of a friend in how people relate to Christians.

People should be free to write their testimonies however they want or can. All things should be free and completely voluntary. As the Body of Christ, we have these skills and talents. If God made us all beautiful and unique, why not celebrate that as a testament to his awesome power? He loves us all.

Clearly, this could provide Cyberterrorism with a chance to go one step further. But how is that a problem? As a religious, nonprofit institution, this media platform might be able to be protected under the First Amendment of the United States, and the religious freedoms protected therein. If you believe God protects your faith as you walk through your life and the lives of those at your church, wouldn’t it just take the pressure off western institutions of government to give ideological extremists of all kinds and nationalities a specific thing to attack? God protects us at all times. If warfare is trending digital, and God protects his people throughout all of time to do his holy will, why wouldn’t he provide his people the means to defend themselves through what he has already created? I just want to live in a world where there are less school shootings, attacks on public institutions, and more kindness and respect towards one another’s differences. Christ would invite people to directly confront God, I think, he certainly did in death. What exactly is the issue, other than being unwilling to try?

Now, the United Way and other large scale nonprofits already exist. The reason religious institutions in the United States were granted tax exemption under IRS tax code was because they have such an immense influence on total giving worldwide of individual people. To this day, individuals give most to religious institutions than any other non-profit area in terms of charitable contributions. The United States of America was born under the name of religious freedom and early religious institutions in the US helped change the world from the Revolutionary War to the Abolitionist movement to the Civil Rights Movement in the 20th century until today. We are called to minister to the entire world. Why not make that simpler?

Furthermore, if all things are free (like the Spirit of God in the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus Christ), this could be very similar to the United Way in terms of collecting a network of tithes from different churches and administering them directly to those in need who have the expertise to solve their own problems as they live and breathe. If people go on missions, let them go to support and work with, so that all people might be a stronger Body of Christ.

The Body of Christ is called to serve well with one another. Clearly, the structures and technology for much of this already exists in smaller websites that provide free access to the Bible in various languages, devotional materials, individual podcasts and media capabilities. Why not unite all of that like Jesus intended, but free? I think it’s wrong that people should have to pay for the good news, which comes to all of us completely free of charge. The more tech-savvy the world becomes, the more we return to the true meaning of evangelism as ministering to all the nations, as people of faith, regardless of our professional responsibilities, ideologies about politics, etc.

The only unique thing about any of this is the intention, I think. Many people use the Internet. Many people minister using technology and stay connected with the rest of God’s kingdom while on missions through electronic means. If you need to find anything, people use things like Google Maps and other mapping technologies. The world has changed. Why not change with it, for the glory of God? Honestly, there is no difference between this and any kind of existing evangelism website; I just think all of that should be united in a way that all people can use freely and is something people would actually want to use. If God’s body is here on the earth in the Church, why not unite that through the Holy Spirit in the biggest way possible, so that his will be done?

I believe in God and his people. I don’t currently have the technical skills to do something like this by myself. I can encourage people, I can organize things, I can reach out to others and ask for help, and I can leave the rest up to God. If it was something God condoned, I have the people skills that it would take to pull this off; the ability to speak to different kinds of people, to meet people where they are at, and do my best to bring goodness to these conversations through my faith and how much I believe in God’s creation. I think all of that would work out in his favor, honestly.

This is simply an idea inspired by faith, and there are already some people who have attempted this in smaller scales or in ways that don’t seem to have quite as much universal application and use, I just want to help but moreover, provide a larger means for God’s people to relate to the Spirit of Christ and in turn, one another. I would like to help change the world for his glory, but I know we need all kinds of people to do that, working together. I don’t see why that would be so hard if people donated their time and talents to achieve a common goal: professing the goodness of God globally so that his mighty power might be revealed. Apart from that, I still just want to follow Jesus.

God is the one that allows any kind of success, so if it is his will, all things will come to pass. If not, there will be something even better, there may already be. There is so much beauty here and throughout the entire world. To change the world, we have to open ourselves up for risk and trust that God provides, in this and everything else. I’d like to see his goodness become a greater part of reality.




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I am a second-grade teacher and pastor-to-be who loves people. I spend my weekends with friends or wandering the museums of DC alone and with a journal, trying to put words on the places of the soul that still feel wordless. I spent most of my days at school trying to learn patience through my students and running on sheer nerdy passion. I follow Jesus Christ, and savor that as my most important identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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