Updates in dog Parenting


Updates in dog Parenting

More news from the misadventures of my dogs.


The black spot on Ted’s butt that I have humorously interpreted as him turning into Ella has not grown in a while. He gets extra sensitive when you touch it. There are a couple white hairs on the outside of it now. It’s not a look of pain on his face, it’s more like a predisposition to get extra emotional and try to lick your face. He always goes for the ears. Your guess is as good as mine, but I think it’s funny that I’ve found his Achilles heel and it’s growing across his butt. He still waits for me to formerly cajole him into my personal bubble, and stares at me like a stalker from the boundaries of my feet because he’s too skittish to just come and sit with me. Hey, but progress is progress.


Ella is finding her own dumb means of self-entertainment now. That seems rather ridiculous to apply that term to a dog, but it’s true. She doesn’t accept all my obnoxious asking of her attention now, which is good. Normally, she gets up in my grill, and I cuddle her. When I am bored, sometimes I just mess with her. She does not really tolerate much of that right now. She’s smarter than I think we all realize. Yesterday in the kitchen, I told her to get out of the kitchen. She was testing my boundaries, but to everyone’s surprise, I am the alpha Ella, get the hell out. She did. She sat at the border of the carpet where there is a tacked down metal strip between carpet and linoleum, and I clapped my hands several times loudly and paid no attention while invading her personal space so she would know I wasn’t having any of that. Nope. She sat at the edge and waited for me to leave to scour out the floor. Mission accomplished.

As normal, she likes to sleep. Lately, she’s been doing her own Pomeranian thing and rolling on Ted’s blanket and trying to clean her paws while squirming on her back and ignoring everyone else. It’s fascinating, because most dogs only sleep in various places, try to get you to play with them, eat, and poop. Ella has somehow decided now is the year to start taking up self-hygiene. Thus, her paws are now undergoing inspection and she is actually making at effort to take her time in doing so.

She actively engages other people/Ted in play now. She tries to grab attention by barking. I have discovered that her barking is something she does when she is excited in any way. It’s not that she’s trying to be obnoxious, that’s just her thing. She barks a lot, though. My mom gets pissed every now and again and yells to get her to shut up. Needless to say, it does not work. Mostly, I just turn to look at Ella, and say “Stop” very sternly. She knows I’m not messing around; she usually stops or goes off to pout somewhere and give me side-eye from across the room. Whatever. I’m not dealing with that crap, she deserves better.

She was playing with my mom yesterday as I was writing. Part of me is kinda jealous, and part of me knows it’s for the best that she seek alternate ways of meeting her emotional Pomeranian needs. Ted basically just sculpted my grey blanket into a circular blanket roost over on the couch, and it’s almost 8 inches of vertical squish and him nestled on top. Ella is under my feet. I don’t think things between them have changed all that much, but if anything, they seem to be more chill with each other’s company. Normally Ella gets super jealous of him when he gets attention. When I pet him, she just waits her turn now. Although I would be lying if I said she never attacks him anymore, I haven’t seen it in a while. The thing is, I’m watching her now, and I know that if she attacks him, she would probably much rather be held. So I do that.  She attacks him less.

Ella sleeps more soundly now too. I was walking back to my room after my mom had went to sleep last night, and she didn’t even bark at me. Normally she stays awake as much as she can to protect the house from the edge of my mom’s bed. Either I walked with more confidence or she wasn’t freaked out, but I get the feeling she was awake and she just was cool with it. Otherwise, she’d be snoring. Idk, but it’s good to see her chillax. She needs it.


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