Gender and Creation (if you want, I’ll even avoid talking about Gay marriage!)

Gender and Creation (if you want, I’ll even avoid talking about Gay marriage!)

Is God a dude?

  • Creation (Genesis 1:27)
    • In God’s “own image”
    • “male and female he made them”

I was reading through Jeremiah and Isaiah, and first of all, Jeremiah is like the “Oh snap!” burn of a century over Israel (they had it coming). It reads like a rap sheet. It’s interesting how even Isaiah’s scope was limited by his time (situated between two major covenants: the Abrahamic Covenant to Israel, and Jesus). Generally, I think the more controversial something is, the easier it is to find a silver lining. Isaiah had plenty of silver linings in his future, that’s for sure.

People usually have never asked if they don’t know, and to care to know, you have to ask. There is a lot of imagery about Israel as a whore personified as a woman, and I have some thoughts over that.

  1. Israel may be personified as a woman, but no one ever said being a whore was a woman thing
    1. Check the yellow pages in Vegas, it’s not.
    2. Christ was a guy, but if anyone was going to listen to him or for him to know scripture well enough to fulfill it, he had to be. I don’t know God like Christ does, but when people say that preaching the gospel is for dudes, it’s like, “Yes. Way to be like Adam”. You can call it chatting about the gospel if you want and that makes it more female, I don’t care. But the point is, the gospel is for everybody, period, and from what I can tell, God doesn’t discriminate gifts by gender.
    3. If we assume that words are for women and sex is for men (hypotheticals), men being more sexually promiscuous (aka, whore-like) and calling women whores with words is much more probably from the stand point of base level logic.
      1. #juniorhigh
    4. Sexual impurity. There are books. There are sermons screeched through megaphones. There are shiny little tattoos you can get burned into your skin. There are verses you can memorize. I don’t understand evangelism on this one though. Being nice to people is the best kind of evangelism in the first place even if it isn’t talking about Jesus. That is why customer service matters if you are selling something. If you are selling the gospel (metaphor, it should be free) and you are doing so for the price of comfort and ego, it will show in unkindness. It is always the same. I still don’t believe in talking about gay marriage on the internet or mostly, important, because none of us has any ability or understanding to judge in the first place. As someone who used to self-identify as bisexual, it sounds really dumb and cripplingly cruel to have anyone assume they are better than you for any reason tied to the media and what we are regularly shamed for anyways. It’s dumb. If you don’t know people who are gay or on the LGBTQIA spectrum as friends and genuinely care for them, you can have an opinion I guess, but why the hell are you talking? Why do you make it about you, if the only thing that you care about is Jesus? Stop. In Kansas, this one is beaten until its bloody pulp in a grave. Please. It’s not okay. Stop. The “us” vs. “them homosexuals” attitude is dumb even if you do believe something is wrong. Just stop. I can’t believe this is even a necessary conversation anymore.
    5. Even if kindness was always the best solution, it is not yours. Stop trying to heal. Stop trying to “fix”. If people need help or ask for it, let it be given. Otherwise, call off the raving packs of gay butt sniffing Rottweiler’s or whatever “we” have these days as the Church and just let it stop. It’s not up for debate. It’s not for your opinion. No one asked you, God certainly didn’t. Just live your lives and treat each other well. I swear it’s like taking away a rattle from my dogs.
    6. I’m not going to say all love is good because some love is abuse, but even if it isn’t, is it your business? No. It’s not. I’ll answer that one now: it sure as hell isn’t. Stop.
    7. Last not least, God loves us all so much we don’t have to fight.

Since I’ve come back home, I have so many people on either side that call me either too liberal or too conservative or too [I’m no longer listening]. I care about God. I care about people. In that order and despite criticism. I think there should be justice regardless of our belief systems. And more than anything, I just want to be like Jesus, and he would be kind. End of story.

All the love,



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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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