Deja Vu (And the mascara vs. nude lipstick debate)


Deja Vu (And the mascara vs. nude lipstick debate)

The closer you get to something happening (if you have a killer sense of intuition), the better able you will be to know how or why or when it will happen.

That sound pretty ridiculous, but it is also pretty true.

People with intuition are normal people that pay attention and also think there is something to be gained from paying attention. They probably were born like that. They are often pretty nice.

Most of the people I have met that have a lot of intuition are not in churches. I hate to admit it, but that kind of makes sense. If you know enough to be a one person revival and people still think you are crazy even though they totally also did when the Holy Spirit descended post-Pentecost, why would you stay in places that people will still call crazy for being in? You either believe that God is big and in control of all of it, or you pick specific people to not accept and make it a routine. We all fall somewhere in the middle if you are human and doing it right. Apart from that, who is to say? Literally no one.

Which is why I read the Bible. I don’t read things I don’t care about, and I certainly don’t care to read most other things at all. I have a very short attention span (and I could build you a masterpiece of art from garbage floating on the sidewalk in five minutes), but that is beside the point. If you tell me I have ADHD, I will probably ask for a prescription, try one pill, realize you were always full of it, and plant the seeds (or “pills” as you earth speaker call them trolollololol) in my back yard like I did the first round ever. I don’t have cats, but I did I guess. I still believe in bits and pieces of other religions. And I have just a handful of scattered moles, although not as much as my sister. Please burn her first, she was born first, after all.

I don’t know why we look gift horses in the mouth if we believe spiritual gifts come from God. We say we want stronger churches and what not, but if most of us were ever open and honest about why our churches suck and decided to actually make it a thing to fix them, they’d be healed completely within the year (if not months). This isn’t rocket science, it’s Jesus!

I’m a Christian, sure, but I like people who are atheistic and agnostic too, or really, anything. If that means I need to cut my hair into a pixie hairstyle and shave a skull into my eyebrows and pierce my knuckles and wear eyeliner that makes my green eyes scary, I will! I believe that God made appearances as ours, and although I really don’t believe in tattoos for myself because I don’t want them and I don’t have anything I’d want to say in ink, let alone small, I salute those of us who care enough to be different. I have no idea if that is okay by God, don’t ask me, ask him. Apart from that, don’t act like you know what he would want if you are still a jerk.

I have some friends that practice Wicca. I got to talk about it with someone who was always very kind to me while I was living in residence hall life. Now, I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas. We’ve got all kinds. So I knew bits and pieces going into the conversation from a long ways back. I also know bits and pieces about Tarot and tons of other world religions and peoples. Does that make me Satan? If you say so, sure.

I just want to be kind. I say that literally almost every post these days because I mean it. I never have thought that I was meant to do this crap alone, which is why I try to be nice to everyone these days, even though I’ve had some pretty magnificent failures in my day. I won’t talk about them, but this is all trial and error finally boiled down into simple. I don’t know, but I like the people who are different from me. I’m not playing dumb, although I am keenly aware that when I write exactly how I feel, it can seem kind of childish or young or whatever else you’d like to belittle. Still don’t care.

This is where we are at, you and me and the people with “raccoon eyes”. You accept that things aren’t always 100% as they seem and that faith is a little bit more than a Sunday, or you be quiet please. I’m not trying to speak for anyone when I write, they can do that very well on their own. But if we’re all wrong, we should be wrong together.

The people with intuition will know we are wrong together. They may not say it, even though it could save your life. Is that really what you want to relinquish to bitterness? I certainly don’t, I’d rather no one dies except of natural and peaceful causes. But between Ferguson and Christmas and police brutality and the Middle East et. al, will you ignore goodness if it doesn’t style it’s hair like you? Sweet frick on a stick, I hope not!

Let’s get real, if we could all style our hair perfectly, we wouldn’t need crosses. None of it would be necessary; nothing. The easter eggs and plaid and pastels? Gone. The silver wreaths and bow ties and jewel tones of the Holiday/Christmas Season? Bitterly destroyed into ashes. Valentine’s Day as actually cute and not lonely as frick? Simmered into death and the very real bitterness of being single.

Which is worse: mascara or crazy? What about mascara and crazy vs. nude lipstick and heels? Or better yet: mascara + crazy + riveted doc martens VS. nude lipstick and heels and stockings VS. Pastels and Silver Garlands and an XL red and white waistband? Srsly? None of it matters. Just don’t suck.

That’s all I’ve got,



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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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