Cost of Knowing


Cost of Knowing

The easiest answers are the most expensive

If we’re measuring in pints or quarts

I’m not sure how much my donation will get me

I don’t feel like writing a poem.

I know that somethings are expensive

Easy was always there

There was hope and a lot more white

Is there anything more scary than not knowing?

I like to think I’ve learned my peace

That I’ve achieved a wisdom from my age

I like to think that over the years, certain

I am 20.

I don’t know how much time I have left

I like to let God decide

I don’t much mind the silly

I don’t want a decision, I want to live.

The apple the apple

On that fated tree

I will write in bows

I don’t care.

I’d like to dance

And whittle around

I’d like to run like a rainbow and somersault of cliffs and become more than a dragon fairy

I just want to live my life well, and all of can stay just as dead as it was before.

I’m a little teapot short and stout

Here is my handle

Here is my spout

Being small is the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

Oh Guinevere!

Will you save me

Red haired woman?!

I am delightful and so much happier when I’m real.

I may not be White Knight

At least I know how to ride a horse!

With all this armor though, riding will never run its course!

Do you know where I can get some more froyo?

I’m not certain what it at stake

Will the dragon take my soul?

I’d like to tame that steely wench

Wait—hold up. You made ME the dragon?

  • Ok, let me break this down for you:
  • Don’t care
  • Still happy
  • Gonna say it as much as I want, saying it more makes it more true in my book
  • Even if it never needed said
  • I like to sit and write this with blankets
  • I like to do it in bed.
  • I’m going to tell you a whole bucket of symptoms
  • Because I made them up.
  • How about we ditch all of this scripted nonsense
  • You can keep it.





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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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