Reasons for getting a Psychology Degree, Why owning your faith is an active decision, and Why not studying for (most of my) Finals has already been a good decision


Personal Reasons for getting a Psychology Degree

  • It is a piece of paper that grants me the right to have a lot more opinions that some people are told they can ever have.
  • I spend a lot of time with statistics about people, and numbers are convincing, regardless of whether or not they are true. I’m not saying I plan on using false numbers, but I am saying that many of the numbers flying around in the world are ill-gotten and poorly analyzed on a daily, public basis. If I can learn about those numbers, then man can I build an argument.
  • The higher up I go in classes (course number), the more I disagree for practical, personal, and experiential reasons with many of the concepts that are being commonly taught as part of my major, and distilled to mass society.
  • Mass society includes the US, but it is the entire world. People don’t change, although culture does. Race boils down to the amount of melanin in your skin, and Homo sapiens is all the same species. Regardless of whether you want me to pull you out some scripture on the fly that destroys racism and other forms of evil in this world or I want to casually minister to someone living in homeless (like I have in two languages by the grace of God), it is all the same thing, and I can cite you examples from the Introductory Biology Final I just took to support that.
  • It sounded cool at the time, and if I think back completely logically, never in my life has something sounded absolutely awesome with no bad side effects to others and I have regretted making that decision.
  • The make-it-up-as-you-go method is seriously 99% listening to where you need to go (that is the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you) and 1% just doing it. If it sounds interesting and it doesn’t call others to stumble, there is probably a good reason, and odds are, that reason is God.

Why not studying for (most of my) Finals has already been a good decision

  • The make-it-up-as-you-go method was just clinically and scriptural supported by previous data I had about the human brain, how to study, how I think, and trusting God, all synthesized by me just doing it.
    • Those figures have to do with anxiety and depression, and their influence on my personal performance when I’m in a state of doubt, as well as the visible personal effect giving God glory over the way I think has always worked out. As a side note, Gratitude works clinically just as well as learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ways of thinking (stats below; the study is so new it still being published), and given how much of Scripture is written AS PRAISE, I seriously doubt that is a coincidence.
      • Anxiety is disproportionately high in college students (NIMH, 2014; ADAA, 2014)
      • In the United States, 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders every year (18%)
      • 3 in 4 experience their first episode of anxiety by the age of 22.
      • 62% of people that drop out of college do so for mental-health related reasons
      • (Source: My most recent coms speech and the secondary professional sources listed therein)
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    • Now I have one less insecurity that was distracting me from God.
    • I now know that if I just respect the way I think as a gift from God and completely silence the haters that seem to think anything about my brain is wrong and should be clinically changed #allmyfreakingchildhood, then I can show up to class and absorb and then just contextualize everything based on things I know about God and the world being the world (thus, everything I have ever absorbed from paying attention ever).
    • My goals in going to class have not changed since the day I started college. I wanted to learn and make friends, and know as much about people and happiness and myself and God as possible (the last one was implied based on the fact that me and Jesus were not on good standing terms). NOTHING has changed, and you know what? Thank God. If my only option is to suck and suck worse steadily by never admitting I suck and would actually like some help, or to bust my ass only to suck when I’m actually fully genuine, the common denominator is that at some point, I will suck. How I choose to negotiate or give away that failure is my decision, but I know that if I give it to God, he takes the responsibility for that through Jesus, and as a direct tie in, I am probably the happiest person I know if not one of the people with the highest bullshit tolerance. Oh the joys of risk taking…
    • If you want to really do ministry right, you need to know your weaknesses so you can die to them. As of today, many of my weaknesses were tied to success, romance, situations where I chronically lack confidence, and IT WAS ALL TIED TO THINKING THERE WAS SOMETHING INCURABLE WITH THE AWESOME WAY GOD MADE ME. Seriously, just stop. If I am incurable, than I am incurably made in the image of God #Genesis. And in a world that is constantly trying to lessen or detract from appearances that are naturally beauty, what the actual fuck is the purpose of that? Nah man, I’m fully blessed and fully broken because the Holy Spirit is inside me and original sin, and if I believe in Christ then it is actually not all that much of a difference how he decides to resolve that brokenness, he’s already atoned for it.
    • I can’t tell you if this will work for you, but I can tell you that listening to God in utter chaos is the entire point to being able to claim Christ, and that is that you get a free pass for failure (not that you should do it intentionally, that is DEFINITELY sin and that is between you and him, it’s none of my business really because not only do I have no place to judge, I have no ability to know how to judge and I’d really like to not fuck it up by doing it terribly to the people I love and care about most, which is a lot of people).
    • I would so love to know if this was something that works for all people, but I’m going off of 20 years of my personal experience, and clinically speaking, you have to have a sample size of 35 to justify any sort of trials like this (Independent research design), and even then, given the amount of factors going you can still never ascertain what exactly is happening. As a side note, clinical causation doesn’t really exist, and statistical relevance is induced (Inductive Reasoning made palatable to everyone) from small sample sizes. If God works infinitely in infinitely broad and tiny ways, over and under and in-between and inside us, how the hell are you going to justify any of that if you don’t have faith that it could even coexist or be caused by him?
    • I actually went to various professors this semester and asked to do research on these very topics, and have since I was a freshman. I have gotten shot down or apathetic looks every time, and only this semester have they gotten a little more upfront with me that no one is doing research I’m interested on my campus, and it’s a research campus for frick’s sake. I may have been naïve as a freshman, but I’d much rather study the bible and work my way down and to daily life than move quicker than I have patience for in a lab and hate my life because it’s been rendered meaningless by being terribly bored. That is my opinion; that is not judgment on anyone that pursues any of the subjects I have mentioned as a living or professionally. I just know (and have always known) my life is not tied to those things, and really, it isn’t tied to all that much of anything.

Why owning your faith is an active decision

  • Other people need it
  • You are told to #GreatCommission
  • We all suck at it, and often
  • There is no right answer, there is only the answer
  • Jesus coming back depends on evangelism and spreading the Gospel (“good news”) alone
  • You can’t choose what you were given, but you can share it and let it bless others in terms of wisdom and love
  • Jesus never made any stipulation about who could come and follow him, we did. If you want to really live the gospel, you have to actively believe in it, and to do that, works have to come through corresponding faith
  • Faith is built on living your life. I have spoken with friends who have felt like their privilege (in the eyes of the world) means that they are not qualified to speak out against injustice. False. That actually gives you a lot more credibility and leverage in terms of being an ally and moving forward (NOT silencing others who are living that struggle on a daily basis). If active participants of Christ didn’t participate in social movements throughout history, I seriously doubt many would have ever gotten off the ground (Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King; Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, et. al, least of all, Christ). Jesus came for the Jews AND the Gentiles, and he scattered bits and pieces through all of the Epistles (letters written by Paul mostly and other apostles) to make good on that.
  • There are consequences mentioned in all of the Bible for not doing so. I’m not going to cite scripture for that one, but I will casually mention that I am just as broken and in no place to judge as anyone else, and draw attention to the fact that confessing with your mouth that Jesus is God seems to be a broad definition to me. Maybe it was broad so that we all fail at it? Broad like God is broad, as in, infinite?
  • From a God that made disciples out of literally everyone and anyone, came in the form of a helpless infant that was nailed to a cross after he was denied having any semblance of a normal life, and also loves infinitely, I really would not be surprised. It says in there somewhere that Jesus came to shame what the world considered strong and make good what the world considered weak (#TheBeatitudes, a lot of Romans, a lot of Psalms, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, ALL OF IT).
  • If the God of Abraham and Isaac operates based off of contradictions and doing whatever the hell he wants, given his sovereign will, does it really make sense to pitch a fit when he asks something of you, just in terms of size and logistics?
  • If you believe that you are under the definition of Homo sapiens or Creation, regardless of whether or not you agree with any other definition except that you walk, talk, and often act like a human, and you believe that you are the same kind of human as any other kind of human (hint: human), then doesn’t it make sense that you will not ever be anything less than human, in relative terms (as compared to God and the scope of the infinitely expanding Universe we live in)?
  • If Science as a whole is agnostic of God, and Christians believe that God is bigger than science because that is the study of Creation, which he made; doesn’t it make sense that Christians would also be agnostic of Science?
  • If you believe the Gospel is shareable, textable, tweetable, and snapchatable, do you also believe that is is actable?
  • Acts is called acts because Acts was actable.
  • And last but not least, my personal (after Jesus Christ) favorite Paul literally watched Stephen’s clothes get piled at his feet as Stephen was stoned, and Paul wrote like an inch sized chunk of a 3.5 inch or larger Bible (guesstimating here, but I’m a visual person and I really have no idea exactly how much, but none of us does. I know for a fact that I can read the headings that say that “THIS WAS WRITTEN BY PAUL” and make inferences, and thus, it is a one inch sized chunk).

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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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