First Car Accident


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So, I have had an interesting evening. Let me break it down for you.

I came home and wrote for a while and indulged in some internet wasting me-time, and then I decided to go to watch my church’s (Velocity Church in Lawrence, KS) Baptism night. Let me tell you, I wasn’t sure I was gonna go. I have a cold as of today, and it’s the typical cat sneezes, snot, throat pain, and tea necessary time of the cold’s infancy. But, I took a hilarious shot of Nyquil (photos above), made a joke about using a shot measuring thing and going hard like I was partying (lol Christian stigma fails #blessed), and decided to head out with about 16 minutes to spare to arrive on time.

That didn’t happen. What did happen as I was jamming out to KLOVE as I always do when I sing alone in the car and drive sola (driving solo, but correct Spanish grammar) was that a lady driving her car in front of the car I inevitably hit decided to make an illegal (according to posted signs that don’t move and specify hours) left turn on one of the busiest streets in town, and the guy in front of me just barely missed her. Like any good driver, I was keeping my distance, but the road was wet from the rain and even though I slammed on my brakes, I slid right into him about 20 miles per hour (not too bad, folks). I spent about  3-4 seconds in “Did that just happen??” and struggled to find the emergency lights (no beans; I’ll look it up tomorrow). He got out with cars whizzing by, stressed and frustrated, and started explaining, saying we should get off the road (rush hour, busiest street in town, srsly dangerous mmkay) and I followed him a few blocks so we could exchange information. He was driving a bigger SUV/Pick-up with a hatchback, and honestly, we both got lucky. When he came out to speak to me, I asked if he was okay, and fortunately he only had a little minor whiplash from the collision (thank God). The lady had left, so we went to evaluate the situation just us.

Well, when we pulled off the road, his car was looking pretty good. His bumper had survived with barely any damage like a pro, and my car’s hood had bent a little. Although it is currently sitting in my driveway a little smashed and like a fused sardine can (smashed in at the front edges), the engine light hasn’t come on, there is nothing leaking, and the radiator is fine. His hitch hit it at the perfect angle for there to not be all that much damage, straight on and barely scratched; just bent. I have to figure out which shop to take it in to tomorrow morning, but we’ll deal with that as we need to. My mom was a few blocks away getting groceries (Thanks, Jesus), and she came over, made easy small talk. I offered for him to come with me to Baptism night, and although he thought I was joking, I got a ride from my mom to our new Church building 10 blocks away. It is okay, she was repaid in free cookies and popcorn (she has a penchant for popcorn).

Oh God, I wouldn’t have missed being there for anything. I’ve never witnessed anybody getting Baptized before, I didn’t realize I would start bawling and smiling interchangeably. It was like all the joy was streaming out my face. The moment they came out of the water, more tears, laughter, or often, both. We got to clap for them like a firing squad, the band played hella good music (I might get to join them someday soon in the following months as part of the worship team), I made silly jokes and played with the delightful children present (I showed a little boy how to draw a star with his marker J, and man I have no idea why but me and children get along swimmingly). I know so many people at my church, and I’ve only been going there since the first week of August. God is good, and so are they. It’s nice to have people love and appreciate me for what I am, and be able to see a lot more than most anyone. I am most myself when I am at church, because there is no good reason not to be.

They had food. OMG the food. So many dips, of different church-y kinds, I swear I could eat my entire life in dip. I got to hang out with cool friends, share a little of what happened, and be seriously proud of how God is going to take care of that one because idk but I trust him. I don’t have the $2000 it might take to get my car fixed in my mom’s opinion, but these things always work out. When I popped my tire, I only managed to have to pay ~$20, and recently when I got a ticket that was inevitable, it was only like $140. In the grand scheme of things, I could be dead, so whatever so be it. Honestly, what I am most concerned about is the lady that had to speed away. She was either completely oblivious or completely terrified, and there is no way to know which. Whatever, she’ll have some prayers coming her way.

The guy that I ran into was super cool. He had some tools in the back of his car, and I know he’s probably a handyman, especially with the hitch on the back. He reminded me a lot of my Dad, and of course that is who I wished I had with me when I got into the accident. It was calming to have someone like that be the person I ran into.

All things considered, it happened pretty fast. I was only 10 minutes late to the Baptism night, and we were only opening in song; it hadn’t gotten super hype with the Holy Spirit yet. J (it did)

Mostly, I’m just happy. Happy I’m safe, happy I’m healthy, happy my car still runs enough to get it home, happy I have people praying for this without me needing to jump through hoops to ask, happy. When my mom pulled up and started to immediately panic, it was nice to tell her we had it under control, that it was okay. When that guy started to freak out on the road due to stress, it was nice to hear myself say “It will be fine, I promise” and mean it 100%. God is good. Always. It’s nice to have my sister coming home. I’m not sure if I’m going to have to carpool with my mom to school in on Monday, thank God it is Friday. Whatever. Me and my sister plan on eating free food on campus, so it hardly matters. Now that I have stopped working at the job I had had previously this semester, I can have time to hang out with her and commit to enjoy the company of friends that will soon scatter to their respective corners of the country and families. I got to see so many friends today that I had only casually been close to, and really enjoy their company. Maybe this living 100% genuinely shtick has always been worth it, it just took a long time to believe in it. Whatever, YOLO, I guess we’ll find out, lol.

I am going to tell my Dad what happened tomorrow probably, I don’t want him worried tonight. Everything is well under control. It’s nice to have family that isn’t family, and if I seriously need anything, I have a Church full of people who would legitimately invest in helping. It’s nice to not be alone.

As always, all the best. For those of you under trials right now, please sleep or take time to just rest for even 5 minutes. It makes a difference, I swear. I’m probably going to spend at least several hours in bed doing absolutely nothing tomorrow morning and leisurely figuring out what the most adult thing and best idea to fix my car will be, but with this cold it’s 9:14pm and I’m about to fall asleep. Have a good weekend! I know I will, I’m going to drink so much chai and tell seasonal illness to go trip itself off a ledge.

Until whenever,



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