For the good of myself alone, and happily whoever would like to join me.

  1. Eat as much froyo and boba tea as possible whatever the occasion; so long as it isn’t too cold outside.
  2. Stop cussing again. I was golden there for a while, and I want to be back where I stand. 🙂
  3. Dance like all the time. If people tell me I should stop dancing, slow burn for the added joy of slow burning, and pay no attention to them.
  4. Like exercise. Like, I was already gonna start this Saturday, but I mean like RUN. Like I want to consider doing a marathon, think about dropping out, and then force myself in it for the bomb freaking dignity of being like, “Yeah, I ran a marathon.”
  5. Sit still on Friday nights with my dogs and watch terrible movies until I fall asleep in my bean bag chair and I have to drag myself awake and go to sleep in my bed like a grown up.
  6. Own the life I love, because no one else can.
  7. Do things that I can’t explain without giving any kind of explanation to even me.
  8. Do yoga, even if doing yoga means doing yoga terribly.
  9. I don’t care what other people think of me, but long before I gave a crap what other people thought of me, back in the days of watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, I wanted to be like America Ferrera and act. I know it’s not glamorous, but I want to, even if it’s terrible. Also, I want to be a standup comedian in at least some kind of setting, even if it’s just enough to make my friends nearly crap themselves.
  10. Push limits until I want to, and then reassess. I love pushing limits and I often push them with other peoples good in mind, however poorly. But you know what? I’d much rather have people ask and me push them a lot subtler. Let it be a choice. I really could give less craps in general about that though. I think that I want to just live my life and ditch all of those unnecessary standards by the gutter. I am happy, and my friends are grateful for that, as is my family, as are stupid strangers, even when then look at me like I’m crazy. If I am crazy (I’m not) to them, at least I’ll be benevolently disturbed.
  11. I think I want to do some seriously dare devil crap. Like do coed sports that I could break my legs in. Or jump on trampolines until the point where I do a running jump into a pit of foam like I will never escape and decide to let the fire department wrestle me out of the suction foam blocks like a rare female Indiana Jones, but cooler. I will sit there calmly, and wait for them to uncover me because I will know that it was completely worth it.
  12. More puddle jumping. It should really be a secret society. The Secret Society of Best Friends and Puddle Jumpers. Maybe I’ll write that book.
  13. I want to play tennis, only so I can know enough about tennis to “justify” my hatred of people that play tennis.
  14. I want to probably do a road trip soon. I said that I wanted to do a road trip with Lauren when I graduate, and that hasn’t changed. I still want to waste money on cheap hotels and rollercoasters across the United States, and if she wants to be my wingman, fine, if not, I guess I’ll find another one.
  15. I want to drink tea and be okay with taking two sips and letting all of the rest of it get disgusting and cold.
  16. I want to clean up after myself even when I’m in a hurry because I’m just that classy and I respect other people enough and my home to not make my schedule a greater priority than their comfort.
  17. I want to sit still and not do anything for a long time and have no set plans.
  18. I want to dance some more.
  19. Can I still teach English abroad?? Maybe I’ll do that. I just want to dance, you know?
  20. I want to fly, but maybe I’ll save that one for heaven. I want to be like a rocket missile; I was staring at the sky today and really, I just want to be a rocket missile. Or a cardinal that is secretly a tiny phoenix/falcon/Haley.
  21. I want to live the Gospel forever and never look back because I’m not okay with looking back, and it’s okay to have no reason to care when God’s grace makes that a thing.
  23. I want to own a stockpile of pens, balloons, bubbles, rubber bands, sidewalk chalk, ridiculous seasonal candy from clearance, juice boxes mostly for me, and whatever the hell I want forever. I want to write in buckets of stupid journals that are all 25 cents apiece and fill a palette of 25 cent journals for the hell of it every so often. YOLO, amirite?
  24. I want to eat jelly beans just to spit them out and remember that I freaking hate jelly beans because they are disgusting; end of story.
  25. I want to save the snails after the rain.
  26. I want to lose my mind when I see cotton candy, even if I’m too old to remember what sugar tastes like (pretty sure that gets better, actually. Why do the waste the cotton candy on the children, I tell you, when there are plenty of super sensing older people that can eat cotton candy like it’s looking through a kaleidoscope?? I pity the children).
  27. I want to dress cute and never let anyone tell me I did it for them, because I didn’t, it’s mine.
  28. I want to buy cute dresses because I want them and no other reason.
  29. I want to interrupt class more frequently with benevolent mischief versus serious insightful things that I will forget in 2 minutes anyways and no one else really needs except like, a certain daily dose. I’m okay. I will write, and then they will have the choice.
  30. I want to run away. Interpret that broadly, because I certainly do.
  31. I want to keep up my Spanish.
  32. I want to just simmer down and cook (hahahhahha lol wordplay). But srsly real talk; if I don’t make something elaborate and more fabulous than I expected before Thanksgiving, there’s something wrong.
  33. I want to not own a cat. I like them from a distance, but I don’t want to take care of something that can’t poop outside. If it can poop outside, I can bathe it so it doesn’t smell like butt, and it will cuddle me on purpose, well then, we may be able to negotiate.
  34. I want to prank people a lot more. I want to establish enough Kansas friends that are competitive and easy going enough that I can prank to the point of tears and then get what I deserve. After all, the wrath that will be coming back their way is nothing like whatever they could think of to dish out. And for that reason, vengeance will be mine.
  35. I want to continue to hate omelets because they have the texture of what I imagine billons of skin cells would taste like if they were reconstituted with dirty tap water, mixed together, and dyed yellow. Enjoy that hahahhhahah.
  36. I want to be in a freaking parade.
  37. I want to devise a freaking parade.
  38. I want the world to be a more just place for random acts of ninja warrior pillow fight duels.
  39. I want there to be a new thing everywhere where if you turn stupid salt and pepper shakers or table signs one way or the other, it is a sign that you would happily invite the company of strangers to chat with you in public places as you eat lunch/dinner/dirt.
  40. I want to make things I didn’t know existed before, and then break them because they craftdisasters, but only in creative ways. If I can’t get my money back from Hobby Lobby, it will rue the day it was birthed from modge podge and mayhem.
  41. I want to get my homework done this weekend and legitimately be zen about doing a lot of it completely wrong unless it is okay. The point is; I want it to be completely okay even if it is completely wrong.
  42. I want to drink collectively buckets of purple Gatorade or blue Powerade with lemon wedges, because those are the best of the sports drinks.
  43. I want to grow my hair out and wear it down a braid on my back like I’m a cool older Lawrencian woman that never gave any craps even when she didn’t have silver hair.
  44. I want good coffee, and a lot of good people watching while drinking it.
  45. I want to take full advantage of being an early riser from this point on. I wasn’t meant for the night owl life. So be it. I will see the sunrise.
  46. I want to wear more cobalt blue. It’s a good color on me, and I like being dressed in good colors.
  47. I want to make a habit of never painting my nails, never shopping for entertainment, never dying my hair, never taking backhanded compliments about anything, never forgetting my mother’s birthday for until one of us dies, and generally just sleeping off silly things and waking up for the sunrise.
  48. I want to be like a teapot, not short and stout, but warm and occasionally hot tempered.
  49. I want to wear and potentially own more quarter-zips and sweatpants.
  50. I never want to be a waitress so help me God, and I would even eat jelly beans so I don’t have to be.

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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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