Poems for my Shadow

Mr. Robot

Hello. I am a Robot.

Silly Human.

That’s not blood,

The drips of oil,

That you’re looking at;

Will never be a flood.

Hello, I am a Doctor,

I use my hands to heal.

But never mind,

My comfy hands,

I’d much rather conceal.

Hello, my name is JACOB,

I am broken, torn, and wed,

But wait—let me wrestle you,

Please stop— call me Israel instead.

Hello, I am a Shadow,

I don’t know who you are

The bits of bones you’re walking on…

Have long since left a scar…….

It doesn’t heal from crying

And so I wait on words

I’m broken dead and dying

And least, that’s what I’ve heard (.)


My Shadow doesn’t fit me,

He often runs away,

He’s taller when he stands beside me,

There’s nothing more to say.

My Shadow is mine forever,

At least during the day.

He runs and hides and let’s bad weather,

Scare himself away,

He asks nothing,

So I poke him,

Do shadows even speak??

Dance round and round, but

Still I know,

My Shadow thinks he’s weak.

The Night has never feared me,

I crept into the Light,

My Shadow, like a statue,

A sudden inch from left to right.

Even though he will not stay,

I find it kind of odd,

When I move my head this way,

He hears and no-words nods.

My shadow is a tall man,

But tallest near the dark,

I see him least in daylight,

He barely leaves a mark.

I love my silly Shadow,

And even when he lies:

My shadow is to the dark,

As the Sun is to the skies.

Broken Breakers

The people I broke were broken,

A lot more broke than you,

They smile and mutter a happy song,

It’s really nothing new.

I SCREAMED and cried

And broke them,

But that would never do.

I asked God for answer,

He sent me on or two.

I felt nothing but broken,

And that’s not just for mine to say,

I was broke and sad and silent,

Just make it go away!

I braced myself for the last break,

So sure my corpse would scar,

I loved them, even broken,

But I could never go that far.

Christ gave me a strange calm feeling;

Like roses on a grave,

He told me that broken wasn’t broken,

Silly, he’d come to save.

I love my broken breakers,

I love my silly scars,

I love you, you silly idiot,

But my love only mars.

I will break pieces and keep them,

I’ll give them back someday,

Who are to you to even keep it?

You, who throws it away??

But breaking is my sacred gift,

It’s just like breaking bones,

To make sure it heals right,

You have to push-it shift.

Your wounds will heal unbroken,

Christ does it; not me,

But even if I love your face unbroken,

Then it won’t be free.

If breaking is the answer,

Do you prefer bricks or rocks?

There’s no good reason a Princess,

Won’t sink to Goldilocks.

I love you, Mr. Broken,

I want you to simply stay,

After all, it’s just a few more

“Too hot, Too colds!”

Before you save the day.


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I am a teacher-to-be who loves people. I am not afraid of many things. I like to explain my thoughts logically on a very birds-eye view level--I was born thinking that way. I follow Jesus Christ, and I accept only that label to describe my identity--that I am a child of God, as are infinite others, regardless of their other identities. Christ is my one thing.

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